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Osteopathy is a “whole” body approach to musculo-skeletal injury. By approaching, assessing and treating the body as an integral whole, osteopaths aims to effectively diagnose and treat not only the site of an injury, but also target other more distant areas of the body that may be causing or contributing to an injury. There is an emphasis of treatment not just being about cure but also prevention.

Osteopathy aims to restore the body’s functioning parts to a healthy state of balance, so that the body can then work efficiently as a whole.



Osteopathy can benefit most individuals with muscular/skeletal injuries. It is particularly useful at making a whole body assessment, which is important in determining the causation of an injury. Treatment can therefore be directed to all parts of the body. This is important in complicated injuries, long term/chronic injuries and especially in terms of injury prevention.

As well as specific injuries, through Osteopathy you may discover that the source of your day to day aches and pains can be addressed by re-balancing your musculo-skeletal system.


Your therapists include:


  • Alex Prince BSc. Hons(Ost)

  • Senior Therapist

Alex has been practicing as an Osteopath since 1996. He aims to provide professional, effective, safe and personally tailored Osteopathic treatment to all. His mission is to help every patient fulfil their optimal health and wellbeing with holistic Osteopathic care.

Alex treats people of all ages and activity levels. He also has experience practicing cranial osteopathy to treat children and infants.
Alex has a particular interest in treating sports-related injuries. He has extensive experience in sports injury management, treatment and rehabilitation, and has worked with, among others, professional and amateur track athletes, tri-athletes and rugby players.

  • Initial consultation

  • £55*
  • Initial consultation (approx 45mins)

  • *Price applicable from 1 Sept 2015
  • Consultations thereafter

  • £45*
  • Usually about 30mins)

  • *Price applicable from 1 Sept 2015



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